Thursday, 8 December 2011


B) The various ways plants ensure the survival of their species. 
1. Plants have various ways to disperse their seeds and fruits.
2. Plants disperse their seeds and fruits by :
    a) water
    b) wind
    c) animal
    d) explosive mechanism
3. Plants need to disperse their seeds or fruits to ensure the survival of their species.
4. Different plants have different ways to disperse their seeds and fruits.
     a) Water - coconut and pong-pong
     b) Wind  - lalang and angsana
     c) Animals - watermelon, love grass and rambutan
     d) Explosive mechanism - balsam, rubber, flame of forest, chestnut and lady's finger
5. Below shows the relationship between characteristics of seeds and fruits and the way of dispersal.
    a) Water       - light and have air space
    b) Wind        - light, have wing-like structure, dry, have fine hairs and small
    c)  Animals    - fleshy, brightly coloured
    d) Explosive  - dry when ripe

C) The importance of survival of the species 
1. The consequences if some species of animals or plants do not survive and become extinct are
     a) shortage of  food resource
     b) other species may also face extinction

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